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Who We Are


The following organizations and individuals are committed to tackling overwhelming influence of corporate America on our elections in the post-Citizens United world through shareholder protection.

National Advocacy Groups and Unions
Alliance for Justice
Americans for Campaign Reform
As You Sow
Brennan Center for Justice
Business Ethics Network
California Pension Fund
California Common Cause
California Public Interest Research Group
Center for the Common Good
Center for Corporate Policy
Center for Political Accountability
Citizen Works
Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington
Change to Win
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending
Coffee Party
Colorado Common Cause
Committee for Economic Development
Common Cause
Communication Workers of America
Connecticut Citizen Action Group
Connecticut Common Cause
Connecticut Public Interest Research Group
Corporate Action Network
Daily Kos
Democracy 21
Democracy for America
Democracy North Carolina
Florida Public Interest Research Group
Free Speech for People
Friends of the Earth
Georgia Public Interest Research Group
Hawaii Common Cause
Illinois Public Interest Research Group
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Iowa Public Interest Research Group
League of Conservation Voters
League of Women Voters
Main Street Alliance
Maryland Public Interest Research Group
Massachusetts Common Cause
Michigan Common Cause
Minnesota Common Cause
Mississippi Common Cause
National Consumers League
New Jersey Public Interest Research Group
New Mexico Common Cause
New Mexico Public Interest Research Group
New Progressive Alliance
New York Common Cause
New York Public Advocate
North Carolina Center for Voter Education
North Carolina Common Cause
North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections
North Carolina Waste Awareness and Reduction Network
Ohio Common Cause
Oregon Common Cause
Organize Now
Pennsylvania Common Cause
Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group
People for the American Way
Progressive States Network
Progressives United
Public Campaign
Public Citizen
Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Roosevelt Institute
SEIU, Tracy Stewart, ED
Social Equity Group
South Carolina Progressive Network
Strategic Council on Corporate Accountability
Sunlight Foundation
Sustainable Investment Forum
Texas Public Interest Research Group
Transparency International
Union of Concerned Scientists, Center for Science and Democracy
United Food and Commercial Workers
U.S. Public Interest Research Group
United Food and Commercial Workers
Vermont Common Cause
Vermont Public Interest Research Group
Washington Public Interest Research Group
Washington State Treasurer
West Virgina Citizen Action Group
Wisconsin Common Cause
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press

Institutional Investors
Clean Yield Asset Management
Council of Institutional Investors
Domini Social Investments
Green Century Funds
Trillium Asset Management
Hermes Investment Holding Inc.
New York City Comptroller
NorthStar Asset Management
Social Investment Forum
Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2)
Walden Asset Management
Zevin Asset Management, LLC

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy
Jennifer Taub
John Coates
Lucian Bebchuk
Robert Jackson
Heidi Welsh
Sue Holmberg
Michael Hadani
Daniel Greenwood

Attorneys and Shareholder Activists
Nell Minow
Sanford Lewis
Con Hitchcock

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