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Who is Jay Clayton?

Trump’s nominee to lead the SEC comes from a deep corporate background. Will he serve the people or Wall Street as Chair?

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Jay Clayton’s nomination for SEC chair is scheduled for March 23. Urge the Senate Banking Committee to vote no:

.@SenSherrodBrown is right: Jay Clayton is unfit to serve as chair of the SEC. Join the resistance:

Jay Clayton & the banks he represented played a leading role in the 2008 financial crisis. Unfit to be chair of the SEC? Yes.

Jay Clayton, ex-Wall St. banker, is Trump’s nominee to police Wall St. Conflict of interest much? Tell the Senate:

.@Lisa_PubCitizen: will SEC chair nominee Clayton represent the people or be compromised by Goldman Sachs ties?









Trump’s nominee for SEC Chair wants to ease regulations on Wall Street.

Trump’s nominee to head the SEC is married to the industry he’s supposed to police. By @mtaibbi @RollingStone.





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